Kata diKasten


Name: Kata diKasten

Concept/Bio: Chief Inquisitor

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Bastard, Lead to Religious, Temple Acolyte, Priest, Inquisitor

Age : 32

Stats: Wi: B5, Pe: B4, Po: B4, Fo: B4, Ag: B4, Sp: B4, Speed Mult.: x3.5

Attributes: Ref: B4, Ste: B5, Hes: 5, Hea: B4, MW: B10, Faith: B4, Circles: B2, Resources: B1

PTGS: Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B7 Se: B8 Tr: B9 Mo: B10


I will bring Burnsul to Abbot-Inquisitor Paxton Gibbon for justice
Suffer not a witch to live.
Maras is my Light, and through her all truth is shown


Instinct 1
Instinct 2
Instinct 3

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Bastard, Tonsured, Vested, Suspicious, Faithful, Cold Blooded, Merciless

Skills: Armor Training, Death Art B2, Doctrine B2, Etiquette B2, Extortion B2, Family Secret-Wise B2, Heresy-Wise B3, Interrogation B4, Oratory B4, Read B2, Religious History B2, Suasion B2, Sword B4, Symbology B2, Temple-Wise B2, Torture B4, Write B2

Affiliations: 2D the Maras priesthood

Reputations: 1D Inquisitor

Relationships: Abbot-Inquisitor Paxton (Minor), Sister is a witch (Minor, immediate family, forbidden), cousin is a Captain-Priest of the Chalice (Minor, other family)

Gear: Clothes, Shoes, Travelling Gear, Sword, knife, staff, Parchment, Quills, Ink, Reinforced Leather Armor, Vestiments



Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2 VA – Fast Shortest

Sword I:B3 M:B7 S:B10 Add 2 VA – Slow Long May Great Strike

Dirk I:B2 M:B5 S:B7 Add 1 VA – Fast Shortest

Staff I:B3 M:B6 S:B9 Add 2 VA – Fast Long Two Handed May Great Strike


Kata diKasten

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