Bishop Peregrina


Name: Bishop Doria Peregrina

Concept/Bio: Insatiable older woman of great beauty

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Religious Acolyte, Lead to Religious, Priest, Archpriest, Bishop

Age : 42

Stats: Wi: B6, Pe: B4, Po: B3, Fo: B4, Ag: B3, Sp: B3, Speed Mult.: x3.5

Attributes: Ref: B3, Ste: B7, Hes: 4, Hea: B6, MW: B9, Faith: B6, Circles: B3, Resources: B6

PTGS: Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9


Men are incompetent and cannot know the will of the Mistress.

Have the Abbot-Inquisitor Assassinated for his disruption of MY city.

Belief 3


Never sleep alone.

Instinct 2
Instinct 3

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Tonsured, Your Grace, Vested, Imperious Demeanor, Domineering Presence, Faithful, Gorgeous, Sonorous Voice, Lithe

Skills: Apothecary B2, Astrology B4, Bureaucracy B3, Church-Wise B3, Composition B3, Dance B4, Doctrine B2, Etiquette B4, Falsehood B3, Field Dressing B2, History B3, Intimidation B4, Knives B2, Male-Wise B2, Musical Instrument B2, Obscure History B2, Oratory B4, Parish-Wise B2, Persuasion B3, Read B3, Religious History B2, Ritual B2, Seduction B4, Soothing Platitudes B3, Suasion B4, Symbology B2, Tithe-Wise B2, Write B3


2D Church of Maras


2D Bishop of Aplistia, 
1D Great Beauty, 
1D Insatiable


Archpriest of Aplistia (Minor), 
Commander of Temple Guard (Minor, romantic love), 
Baron Syfri (Minor, romantic love), 
Marquis Lepyda (Minor, romantic love), 
Sea Captain John Valentine (Minor, romantic love, hateful/rival), 
Madam Toma  (Minor, forbidden), 
Alogo the stablehand (Minor, romantic love)

Gear: Clothes, Shoes, Finery

Property: Private Residence


Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B3 S:B4 Add 2 VA - Fast Shortest

Bishop Peregrina

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