Fires of the Faithful

The Penitent's Tower Falls
Next: things get REALLY interesting

The assault on the Captain-Priest had gone relatively well. Although a few of the thugs had been slain after surrendering – a reprehensible outcome but understandable given the circumstances – the raid was a general success. One Captain-Priest was killed and his body burned in the street. The arms and armor from the rest of the band was slowly pulled back to the townhouse and collected. Ta’ril kept turning the Captain-Priest’s coin of orc gold over in his hand and studying it. As everyone slowly gathered to look upon the assembled booty and discuss future plans, Corin (Meuris) spoke up.

“I need to tell you all something, so I’m glad we’re all assembled. I haven’t been completely forthcoming with you.

A Captain-Priest Must Die!
Wait, wait - Oh, never mind.

Sir Guy gathers rabble

Ta’ril gathers arrows

(Burnsul gathers dust)

Rumble !!

Revolution Squared
A slow burn and a rapid flame

Jaravon, Ta’ril and Mueric start a riot in the Sea Quarter that leads to the destruction of a foreign caravan outside the northern gates of the city.

Meanwhile, in the days leading up to the peasant uprising, Sir Guy le Gui, Heinrich, and Burnsul have several conversations with various nobles, and sway them to the cause of the Lady of the Lake.

Preaching Riot and Revolution
Good diplomacy always leads to a fight eventually.

Ultra short version: The peasants cause a riot, Guy gets the nobles to support the overthrow of Werner and Burnsul gets the nobles to support the overthrow of the Church of Maras. Oh, and Heinrich starts subtly making his bid to be prince. All in all a pretty slow week.

Three for One
Ghouls just want to have fun
Tricks, Truths, and Treachery
Sparks near the Powder Keg
A Simple Rescue
Villains and Brothers

A (very rough) outline of events will be included below.

The Game of Houses

Burnsul writes the first great epistle of the Lady of the Lake

many many more things happen…

The Death and Life of Beppe
and the thrice buried body

Guy was standing over his new converts, and off in the darkness, Ta’ril chased his quarry down. Despite the best efforts of Heinrich, now invisible, to goad and intimidate the peddler, Ta’ril still managed to calm him. “I swear to you I have no intention of killing you. But Lycos wants you dead. And if he wants you dead, I want to protect you. Please let us go somewhere and talk and I swear I will do you no harm.” His impassioned words clearly struck a chord, and the peddler, Beppe, agreed to hear him out.


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