Fires of the Faithful

An Humble Request
Adventure Logging is kicking my arse

Ok players, I need some help.

Gathering Relics
In which wit supercedes brawn, and a miracle occurs

Good game tonight guys.

A Private Meeting

Alferaxe approached the northern gates of Prodosia just as the sun was clearing the eastern walls of the city. A rough and dangerous looking man he was. the guards at the gate looked him over disapprovingly, but the hard questions they were planing to ask him at length were forestalled by his swift production of a Temple Writ.

A Full House
In which the Ladies of the Lady are revealed, and Jaravon and Kalana spend quiet time together

We started the fourth session finding out what Heinrich had been up to during the events of the third session.

the Prince and the Prophet
also, the Scoundrel's regret, and the Boy and the Priest

This session began after Urlich’s (Kris’) departure.

The Slavers Camp
In which new friends are found, current friends are lost, and a dangerous man is set free

We last left our heroes (as you would know if I ever finish those entries) having defeated a small group of five slavers and freeing their three prisoners, including Abigail.

A Gathering of Heroes
The Adventure Begins

Guy le GuiA World Not His Own

Timeline of Argilos
My Count Protectorate Free Cities Ancient Notes of significance
2 779 AM 5623 SR the search for an answer to the Undead issue begins
1 778 AM 5622 SR le Gui begins his work in Aplistia
0 777 AM 5621 SR Sir Guy le Gui arrives in the world of Argilos
-10 767 AM 5611 SR Purge of noble-born sorcerers
-776 1 AM 4845 SR Declared first year of the Protectorate. First year orcs don’t make it past Thyma.
-800 24 BM 4821 SR the prophet Trogon Zoi first appears in the village that will become the Necropolis
-2000 1224 BM 3621 SR the last Sorcerer King falls to invading orcs
AM = After Maras, or Age of Maras BM = Before Maras SR = Sorcerers Reckoning
The whole world is a stage...
and we are merely players.

So, now a rundown of our players, and what they have said they want in their characters. (I will edit this as I find out more)

There is always a begining
and this is before that

We, that is to say the seven or so of us who gather every Sunday evening,


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