Fires of the Faithful

Tricks, Truths, and Treachery
Sparks near the Powder Keg
A Simple Rescue
Villains and Brothers

A (very rough) outline of events will be included below.

The Game of Houses

Burnsul writes the first great epistle of the Lady of the Lake

many many more things happen…

The Death and Life of Beppe
and the thrice buried body

Guy was standing over his new converts, and off in the darkness, Ta’ril chased his quarry down. Despite the best efforts of Heinrich, now invisible, to goad and intimidate the peddler, Ta’ril still managed to calm him. “I swear to you I have no intention of killing you. But Lycos wants you dead. And if he wants you dead, I want to protect you. Please let us go somewhere and talk and I swear I will do you no harm.” His impassioned words clearly struck a chord, and the peddler, Beppe, agreed to hear him out.

Bonfire conversions
Sometimes you can get farther with a kind word, than you can with a kind word and a sword.

It was a cold and damp morning as Sir Guy le Gui and his friends rode towards Aplistia from the West, but as the city came in view, the clouds parted briefly and a shaft of light shone directly on the Gold Gate. Guy took this to be a good omen. The white city walls rose above the plain, and above the many-colored roofs of the metropolis, several items stood out above the city scape.

Prepare ye the way
on Beliefs and setting the stage

We spent this session defining the city of Aplistia and finalizing character Beliefs for the next chapter of our story. So here’s what we have (most statements are in my words, so they may not be exactly as intended);

Winter at Goram's Spike

This was a downtime session in which we discussed how and when we would start the next chapter of our story, which will be in Aplistia.

And then, . . . The Green Knight
A fleur de tree? Oh No!

After fleeing from the dissipating mist, le Gui turns his attention to healing the wounded KinsGuard.

The Fall of the Triumvirate
Sometimes, even knights can be sneaky

We start the evening with Ta’ril’s preparations to lead Sir Guy le Gui’s followers to meet his holiness at Goram’s Spike.

Borrowed Bows and Burning Bridges

Burnsul’s Plan


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