The worshipers of the goddess Maras (referred to by worshipers as the Mistress, and by the followers of Sir Guy le Gui as the Dark Mistress when they’re being polite) collectively call themselves the Maras church, or the church of Maras. the Maras faith could be called a death cult, or more appropriately an undeath cult. the priests routinely raise the dead to do their bidding, which is the will of their goddess Maras. The common folk see this not as an act of evil perpetrated upon their dearly departed, but as an honor, and a service by their dead loved ones which buys them a better place in the afterlife with their service in death.

The church began almost 800 years ago, when these lands were overrun by orcs, and the human population was barely holding on. Scattered in small villages, fortified as best they could, and with little to no communication between themselves, it was a dark time for humankind. It was into this darkness came the prophet Trogon Zoi, and his mistress, the goddess Maras. the story of his first miracles are known to every child in the Protectorate lands.

The Faith of Maras

Mysteries of the Mistress


Fires of the Faithful Liam