Welcome to the world of Argilos.

Where a man’s faith can change the world. Be it faith in the gods, or love, the power of magic, family, revenge, or fighting what is wrong with the world, one must be willing to burn for his beliefs.

Book One:

The Year was 777 AM (Age of Maras) as the humans of the Protectorate mark time. This was when a Noble Knight came to the world of Argilos through a magical rip in reality, bringing with him the worship of a goddess never before known. Listen well to the tales of his coming.

Book Two:

The Year was 778 AM. A new faith spread by a Holy Prophet is in it’s infancy in the northern provinces of the Protectorate of Maras. Things begin to stir in the City-State of Aplistia. . .

Book Three:

The Year is 779 AM. The powerful are settling in for a protracted civil war. Small groups of specialized agents have been sent out by highly placed members of the newly minted nation of Aam. This is the story of one of those groups.

Fires of the Faithful

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