Fires of the Faithful

Chapter 1 - Welcome to the party

Duke Vogel assembles an assortment of characters for a vital mission: End the threat of undeath!

Volz and Alford agree that researching at the library is the best way to start.
Valdorn disagrees and is quickly cut loose under the watchful eyes of Sareen.
They part ways as soon as the door closes, with an agreement to meet back in the early evening.

Books are read

Pockets are picked

Valdorn tries to put the touch on his former business rivals to help him on his way out of town. They are firmly unhelpful.

Undeterred by his lack of success, he turned to his new associates for aid in remaking his “lost” deed of his destroyed bar. Brother Alford cannot be convinced into the task, but Sareen is quick to volunteer a “friend” of hers for the task.

The next day, with the new deed in hand, Valdorn is off to find a mark. He finds one in Kor Pesse, a fellow bar owner who will soon pay a final price for trying to lay claim to property with this false deed. Also, merchant Pesse’s young sister witness the whole transaction and will swear undying vengeance against Valdorn. (as she is only 10 at this time, Valdorn still has a few years left to him before she can enact her righteous vengeance!)

With cash in hand Valdorn returns to the group.

Next: On the road to …



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