Fires of the Faithful

Chapter 2 - Well Met in Prodosia

On the road to Prodosia;

Valdorn the Benificent

  • An Innkeep with an ear (for music)
  • Supper for the singing?
    • Sympathy for the decibel {Volz}
  • Sing a song of success

Arrive at city eight days later;

The Drunken Dragoon – common room, food, ale, no entertainment, 8 private rooms upstairs

  • I must have a room! {Alford}

the next day;

Get me to the church {Volz}

  • Or maybe just someone I can talk to
    • Like Luger here

As long as I get to the Library {Alford}

  • “Can I see your rit of access? Where do you get one you ask? Why from the Steward of Prodosia of course.” – Library Guard

Sareen tries to find Alford, they meet in the street;

“We’re on a mission from Guy!”_ -Sareen

Alford to Palace
Sareen on stakeout


  • searching for evil, with lockpicks

Sareen follows scholar from library to his home

  • Notices Doran also following scholar

Alford visits the Palace

  • and is sent off with a well placed kick

Sareen folows Doran home to the Drunken Dragoon, last room of the hall

Valdorn lays out a plan to Volz

Sareen listens at Thick Door.

  • hears names; Doran, and Tolis (or was it Tolin), not the mystery woman’s name.
  • hears plans; get rit to get in library

Alford goes up to his room to salve injured pride and backside. Disrupts Sareen’s eavesdropping

Volz, Valdorn, and Sareen talk

Valdorn and Alford talk

Alford, Volz, and Valdorn talk

Scribe Fyord arrives at the inn;

  • the scholars engage in a ponderously minuscule discussion of their craft.
  • A shadowed figure at the entrance to the inn
  • Fyord bolts
  • Volz Spells
  • Sareen grabs
  • Fyord screams for the guards
  • a crowd gathers
  • Fyord runs away

Tune in next time, when …



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