Volz Hobar

Sado-Masochist wizard , former servant/slave of Maras, Maras antagonist


Lifepaths (1)City Born (2)Student (3)Neophyte Sorcerer (4)Servant (5)Rogue Wizard

Age 35

Stats Will B4 – Perception B6 – Power B3 – Forte B4 – Agility B4 – Speed B4

Attributes Reflex B4 – Steel B6 – Hesitation 6 – Health B3 – Circles B2 – Resources B1

PTGS Superficial B3 – Light B5 – Midi B6 – Severe B7 – Traumatic B8 – Mortal Wound B9


  1. I must give undead the pleasure of a “pure death”. It is the best way to get out of tortured lives.
  2. Any worshipper of Maras is evil & must pay for the torture the church put on me.
  3. We must find Fyord, he is linked to some work for Maras, whether it is his choice or not


  1. I must not let anyone know my history
  2. Everyone is evil and untrustworthy until proven otherwise.
  3. Always walk up and greet Maras clergy.


  • [dt] Gifted
  • [dt] Obsure Aura
  • [dt] Second Sight
  • [c/o] Mind-Numbing Work
  • [char] Extremely Respectful of One’s Betters
  • [char] Spooky

*Astrology B4 *Aura Reading B3 *Bloodletting B3 *City-wise B3 *Falsehood B2 * Graveyard-wise B3 *History B3 *Inconspicuous B5 *Philosophy B2 *Read B4 *Research B3 *Rule of Law B3 *Soothing Platitudes B2 *Sorcery B6 *Stealthy B2 *Streetwise B3 *Symbology B3 *Ugly Truth B3 *Undead-wise B4 *Write B3

Reputations — Necropolis-Traitor of Maras [minor]
Relationships — Kirsi-mother
Schools of Spells Psyche 2d — Decay 1d
Property Travelling Gear — Clothes — Shoes — Parchment — Quills/Ink — Bloodletting Toolkit
Bare-Fisted I:B2 — M:B3 — S:B4 — Add 2 VA 0


Volz was a very smart kid, got perfect grades in school, and never afraid to speak his mind. His widowed mother, Kirsi, was so proud of her child. Kirsi is wealthy, very prim and proper, very image conscious, and a devoted worshipper of Maras. Then Volz became an adolescent, learned more and more about Maras in the church’s school; and became very outspoken against the way Maras uses the undead and even the living for slavery. As time went on he became even more adamant and outspoken against Maras; Kirsi arranged to have her son “called to service” for her church. Maras was basically trying to brainwash Volz into believing. They kept him shackeled while he did his chores and locked in his dark room when not. Once the church realized that was not working, they began to torture him; cutting and burning him. To combat this, Volz ended up torturing himself to get used to it and even relished that he was able to laugh off the pain in front of priests as a result. After several years of “service” he escaped and found an underground school to combat Maras. He found he had a gift for sorcery and fiercely was learning as much on that and the undead. Maras found out about the school and, as Volz was away, raided and killed everyone who was there. Volz is now obsessive in his hatred for all Maras worshippers. He found out about the revolt in Apolista, went to offer his service to get rid of the undead and the Maras religion, and is now on his mission.

Volz Hobar

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