The Unseen Chains of Slavery

“Slavery is a despicable condition. Would any here dispute that? The Dark Mistress states an undying hatred of slavery, and this is a good thing. I can find no fault with that statement.

Slavery is an abomination whereby a soul is crushed, degraded and invariably destroyed if the situation is not corrected. Some bold or brave persons may find their way out of slavery, taking a daring course to freedom. Often they do so at the risk of their very lives and undergo extreme hardships. Some are fortunate to be rescued from bondage, as were these fine ladies you see arrayed around me.

Sadly enough, I helped to free these ladies from slavers who were hired by the Archpriest Mavliso of Prodosia. My Lady guided me to them, and she guided my blade as I cut down one of the slavers. They had taken a many young ladies into bondage, and we even tracked another slaver down. He was witnessed with Mavliso, and Mavliso admitted to the man working for him, and working in that despicable trade.

Why do I hear sounds of dismay? Are you truly shocked that a priest of the Dark Mistress would do such a thing? But why?

The Dark Mistress claims to hate slavery, but the fact is she only hates slavery that is not under her direct control. Each of you hold your lives in trust, and at any moment you could be Called to Service. And you know as well as I that the call may not be merited. Step on the wrong priest’s toe and you’ll be called. Fall in love with the wrong priest’s object of obsession and you’ll be called. You live your entire life wearing shackles of which you are unaware, and you are never more than a breath from having real shackles placed upon you.

And not content with merely keeping you held close in life, when you die she will enslave your tired bones as well.

I bring word of the Lady of the Lake. She has sent me here with one simple goal: to free every soul in the Protectorate of Maras. And I intend to see her will done. A free soul has nothing to fear from the Lady, and she will offer a key that will free you from all bondage.

If you wish a life free from slavery, and a promise that when you die your bones will be allowed to rest peacefully, then speak with me at yonder glade after sundown. Or speak with these fine ladies and learn of their dedication to oppose slavery. In all its forms.”

The Unseen Chains of Slavery

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