Fires of the Faithful

Timeline of Argilos

My Count Protectorate Free Cities Ancient Notes of significance
2 779 AM 5623 SR the search for an answer to the Undead issue begins
1 778 AM 5622 SR le Gui begins his work in Aplistia
0 777 AM 5621 SR Sir Guy le Gui arrives in the world of Argilos
-10 767 AM 5611 SR Purge of noble-born sorcerers
-776 1 AM 4845 SR Declared first year of the Protectorate. First year orcs don’t make it past Thyma.
-800 24 BM 4821 SR the prophet Trogon Zoi first appears in the village that will become the Necropolis
-2000 1224 BM 3621 SR the last Sorcerer King falls to invading orcs
AM = After Maras, or Age of Maras BM = Before Maras SR = Sorcerers Reckoning



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