The Last Call for the Chosen by Brother Alford (1st Draft)

Entry 1

It wasn’t long after the city had fallen to the Rebels that their leaders realized that the Undead were a major problem. The new King and his advisors along with The Lady’s High Champion assembled a group unlike any other for a task that was also unlike any other. The group (The Seekers) was set the task of finding a ‘magical’ way to bring eternal rest to the unfortunate souls who were chosen to become a Martyr of Maras. Here is a brief introduction to The Seekers:

The leader, in name only, of the Seekers is the great Mage Volz Hobar. It is he that must decide if what information is found is of magical importance. His skills are the Arcane and mystical. He will assist in accumulation of the knowledge. He will then use that knowledge to create a magical way of giving eternal rest to the Martyrs.

As the most learned Archivist in Aplistia I, Brother Alford, was asked to go upon this quest since it is knowledge that we seek. I will have to use my vast knowledge of Libraries and the Church of Maras to help accumulate, sort and record the information that we seek. This knowledge I will then pass on the mages so that they may find a magical solution to the problem.

Our spokesman for the group is none other than the great Barkeeper and Entertainer Valdorn, of Aplistia. It his skills with the common folk that will allow us to travel to our destinations without worry. He has been set the task of making sure that we need not worry for cash to spend on the simple things. (I find him quite the impulsive person who always seems to be up to no good.)

At last our party consists of the lady Sareen. Her skills are those that are not spoken of very highly in many circles. She has the various skills and connections needed for keeping us out of the Church’s sights. (I have found her to be one of the luckiest people alive.)

After some research in the Great Library of Aplistia, I have concluded that we must travel to the Great Library Predosia. I have gathered what knowledge there is regarding the failure of the Church to convert some people, to Zombies. I hope to find more information Predosia.


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